A recent app update now allows Infltr users to apply effects to video, including live video and stills inside the iOS messaging app.says the app is the first to bring filter capabilities directly into the iPhone (and iPad) messaging app.

Late last month, Apple announced a repair program for the batteries in early iPhone 6S models manufactured in September and October of 2015 (the 6S Plus is apparently not affected).The same press release—issued only in China so far, but available in English if you scroll down—says that some owners of later iPhone 6S models are also reporting problems with unexpected shutdowns.

“It seems the intranet server of the cyber command has been contaminated with malware,” a military official told the Yonhap News Agency.The hermit kingdom has been accused of hacking the South Korea’s government, banks, and public transport systems multiple times.

With net neutrality rules possibly being overturned, the company says mobile Internet providers will have a lot more leeway for "innovation and differentiation.And the trick is bringing a benefit to the consumer while you're also benefiting your shareholders.

Sony and Naughty Dog have shown only a tiny morsel of what The Last of Us: Part II will offer players, but a number of fans believe they’ve already figured out the game’s big twist.Warning: Potential spoilers for The Last of Us: Part II to follow!

There's a "bulb bandit" on the loose in a Seattle neighborhood.YouTube user Margaret Rican posted a series of videos showing a squirrel making off with the blue, yellow and red bulbs from her Christmas string lights.

US and Canadian customers can now buy 4K movies and stream them on Chromecast Ultra, a Sony Bravia Android TV, or a Xiaomi Mi Box 3.LG and Samsung smart TVs are excluded, although Google also announced today that certain 2016 Samsung models now support the non-4K Google Play library.

The service, Bluemix Continuous Delivery, automatically integrates with tools from third parties like GitHub and Slack, as well as open source and IBM tools.With the new service, developers can also exploit toolchain templates to scale toolchains across their enterprise with just a few mouse clicks.

Only Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge comes close to competing, and until it receives Android Nougat the Pixel has a slight edge (pardon the pun).That said, Google messed up by releasing the Pixel without any sort of ambient display feature.

In October, Microsoft disclosed a number of the new, consumer-focused features coming to the next feature update to Windows 10, known as the Windows 10 Creators Update.Today, December 6, Microsoft officials went public with a list of new features aimed more at business users that will be in the Creators Update.

The cloud-based file sharing service provider says the new premium feature will let users stay on task on their smartphones even when data and Wi-Fi is unavailable.With mobile offline folders, users can tag an entire folder to have its contents synced automatically to their phone or tablet, as opposed to marking each individual file for download, Dropbox explained in a blog post.

Gary Demasi, director of global infrastructure and energy at Google, said the company will focus on striking more regional energy deals, in places like Asia where renewable energy is starting to pick up steam.It has grown to 19 energy deals, making Google the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy.

Tuesday, Google said in a blog post that its Play Movies store has more than 125 movies in 4K resolution starting in the US and Canada.Customers can buy the high-def movies on their Android device or on the web, and then stream them on Chromecast Ultra, Sony Bravia Android TV or Xiaomi Mi Box 3.

The Omen X desktop from HP is one of the boldest PC designs of the year, taking what could have been a cool but not exactly groundbreaking cube shape and standing it on one edge for a sharp, angular look.The first thing everyone does when they see the Omen X is reach out and ever so gently give it a shake.

This finally brings the older Nexus phones on par with Google's new flagships, the Pixel and Pixel XL.When the Pixel phones were first released, there was a good bit of confusion as to which new features were Pixel exclusive and which were Android 7.

The tipsters don't have an official explanation, but there are a few advantages that might come with ditching the legacy port.Alternately, it could let Samsung slim the S8 without having to make significant compromises on other features.

Huawei has released two flagship phones this year in the form of the Huawei P9 and Huawei Mate 9, but do either have battery life that can beat the iPhone 7 Plus?There was only one way to find out - the TechRadar battery test.

It looks like the firm wants to follow up with an even bigger 2017, as this week it unveiled a new high-end audio player and amplifier that Marantz is so proud of, it simply refers to the pair as The New Reference.The SA-10 is a CD / SACD player that replaces the previous Marantz Reference disc player, the SA-7.

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have better battery life over their predecessors, but if you find yourself still running out of juice, Mophie wants to help with a case that doubles as a battery pack.The iPhone 7 case comes with a 2,525mAh battery, and the iPhone 7 Plus model packs a capacity of 2,420mAh — that capacity is on the lower end for iPhone battery cases.

In a post Tuesday, co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom said the photo-sharing social network will allow users to turn off comments on any of their posts.The feature, which was only available for a few accounts right now, will arrive "in the coming weeks," he said.