Tech giants like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Samsung are vying to become your smart home platform of choice.In an attempt to get inside your house first, Samsung has deeply discounted a variety of its SmartThings devices.

After weeks of rumors and hedging, it’s official: Donald Glover will be playing the young Lando Calrissian in the standalone Han Solo Star Wars movie.According to Star Wars.

After a few years shaking down Internet users over piracy claims, the lawyers behind the Prenda law copyright-trolling operation were repeatedly sanctioned by federal judges.US District Judge John Darrah oversaw litigation related to one of Prenda's most audacious moves—their defamation lawsuit against their critics.

Think Snapchat and Skype are protecting your conversations with the latest and greatest security technologies?A new report from Amnesty International accuses Snapchat and Skype owner Microsoft of "failing to adopt basic privacy protections on their instant messaging services, putting users' human rights at risk.

On Thursday, Nvidia released a new GeForce Game Ready WHQL driver for its GeForce graphics cards, version 375.This new driver is optimized for Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Civilization VI, Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, and Eagle Flight.

The guideline-related announcement follows an early September dust-up over the site banning and removing a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo taken during the Vietnam War.The photo shows a crowd of crying, screaming children, including a fully nude 9-year-old girl, running away from a napalm strike.

A surfer in Australia says his iPhone 7 can't surf the web anymore.Mat Jones told Yahoo7 News that his week-old device caught fire while he was hitting the waves on Australia's beautiful south coast.

A lot of us might prefer to use official controllers for retro games, but not everyone feels like having a ton of different controllers sitting around.There’s a lot going on here, including a 3D printed case, a bunch of different parts on the inside, and a Wi-Fi module.

“Breathalyzers — which are the most commonly-used alcohol sensor — have the chance to give false-signals if, for example, you measure as soon as you finish an alcoholic drink.Therefore, we wanted to develop a wearable non-invasive alcohol sensor to give more accurate data in a real-time.

Assuming you still have a phone to slot into your Gear VR, you'll have something new to watch this weekend.The way Wired describes it, Invisible sounds pretty cool.

If you’ve looked into buying smart devices for your home, you’ve probably seen the “Works with Nest” badge printed on the outside of one of the boxes, considering how many devices are a part of the service.Alphabet has been pushing to make its Nest thermostat the center of everyone’s home by getting IoT manufacturers into the program.

In the final presidential debate, Donald Trump suggested that if he lost, he might not accept the results of the election and would not concede to Hillary Clinton.Historically, when a candidate loses, they graciously accept the results, call their opponent privately, and then concede their loss publicly.

The distributed denial of service attacks against dynamic domain name service provider Dyn this morning have now resurged.According to Dan Drew, the chief security officer at Level 3 Communications, the attack is at least in part being mounted from a "botnet" of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices.

If you're a fan of the show "Friends," you'll be doin' better after hearing this news.They then used computer vision and speech recognition algorithms to train the avatar in the character's audio and visual ways.

To help you learn what Google Chromecast is, how it works, and what it can do, Pocket-lint has explained everything you need to know about the affordable HDMI from the browser to setup Chromecast (or you can quickly install the Google Cast extension).

Earlier this week, the Tucson Roadrunners announced a partnership with the 360 camera company 360Fly to provide fans with a unique perspective of the games.The new partnership will give Roadrunner fans access to 360 video from a variety of different perspectives.

The problems appear to arise from the use of Micron GDDR5 memory, which many manufacturers are using in their GTX 1070 cards along with Samsung’s GDDR5 memory chips in other GTX 1070 models.If you’re not sure what brand your GTX 1070 is using, the best way to find out is to download and use the free GPU-Z utility.

It’s no secret the city of San Francisco boasts its fair share of extremely high-priced homes — it is where many Silicon Valley magnates lay their head, after all — but at $21.8 million, none are more expensive than a 9,095-square-foot marvel located just north of Pacific Heights.

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter apparently photographed the crash landing.After the parachute separated, the final descent phase was supposed to commence, which involves nine thrusters slowing the module to a near standstill just before it reached Mars' surface.

And, if we're going to include all the hacker toolsets, the unprecedented use of bots to influence opinion on social media in favor of the Republican candidate.Vice President Joe Biden added his voice to the cyber-saber-rattling when he told press "We're sending a message.